About Gemini Wedding Card

Wedding cards play crucial role in wedding. Its not like olden days we used to distribute cards among relatives, even in 21 st century it has same importance inviting relatives and dear ones through wedding cards .There is a religious proverb ,” Atithi Narayana bhava” which means ‘Atithi’ i.e. guest are equivalent to god . so to invite them wedding invitation is ancient and best way. Wedding  invitation is of lot of significance. wedding invitation creates and reminds everyone how grand wedding is going to be!

Wedding cards are specially designed with the sketch of god in it, floral cards, unique designs, bright colours, etc .

Wedding details about the bride , groom , families and events time and schedule are prescribed in a beautiful way. Wedding card is the first impression on relatives and friends about your wedding , so wedding card are  to be beautiful and gorgeous.

Wedding cards can be divided in to many types like Hindu wedding cards , mulsim wedding cards, catholic wedding cards , floral wedding cards , Buddhist wedding cards, theme wedding cards, scroll cards, etc

So in order to make your first impression most beautiful and wonderful of your most important event of your life we are here with numerous variety of specially designed wedding cards and latest collections . We assure our full assistance in making your card one of the best wedding card with experienced person of our showroom. So you are most welcomed to our shop .